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The Aquifer Protection Home Page

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This is the official home page of the Laramie-Albany County Environmental Advisory Committee's (EAC) aquifer protection initiative. The committee, appointed jointly by the Laramie City Council and the Albany County Board of County Commissioners, was given the task of formulating a plan to protect Albany County's groundwater from contamination. Minutes of the EAC meetings can be found below.

The Casper aquifer is an important water-bearing geological formation underlying the entire Laramie Valley and supplies most of the drinking water for Laramie and Albany County residents. Part of the committee's charge was to identify potential sources of contamination that could threaten the Casper aquifer and develop strategies to minimize those threats.

Aquifer protection links

Albany County's aquifer protection regulations
City of Laramie aquifer protection regulations
Albany County aquifer protection maps
Albany County EAC meeting minutes
Wyoming DEQ groundwater vulnerability maps
The difference between wellhead and aquifer protection
USGS groundwater contamination research
USGS water quality fact sheets
Model South Dakota groundwater protection program
Wyoming Water Resources Data System
To find articles in the WWRDS relating to aquifer protection, search the database using the keywords "groundwater pollution." You can find other search keywords by clicking on the "list of keywords" button on the right side of the page.

Any comments on this page may be addressed to the webmaster (see address below) or comments may be mailed to tvedgar@uwyo.edu. Most of the graphics on this page can be found at Bells and Whistles, or at The Clipart Connection. Thanks to Phil Anzel of Laramie for creating the aquifer protection maps.

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